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Tech Software is a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, consulting and professional services to companies and institutions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. With extensive experience in application development across diverse platforms, operating systems and toolsets, Tech Software provides its clients with the people and knowledge necessary to help solve their business problems. Tech Software works with their clients to meet today's business needs while preparing for tomorrow's business challenges.
Our award winning IRBManager SaaS solution delivers a comprehensive set of tools for IRB, IACUC, IBC, Export Control and similar compliance oversight groups. From electronic submission and document management to agendas and minutes, IRBManager provides you with a secure and complete solution for your compliance needs. See more at SMART is a concise and comprehensive Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). SMART provides trial financial management from study inception to completion. With support for contracts, budgets, enrollment tracking, and billing on the operations side, and sponsor and investigator matching and interest generation on the business development side, SMART helps you both manage your current workload and grow your research portfolio. Grown out of our consulting and software development efforts, Tech Software has built a stable of developer products that are second-to-none in helping increase developer productivity, decrease bandwidth needs while increasing security, and detect and track issues in production environments.
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Tech Software has been counted on by clients large and small for almost thirty years to take the lead in constructing IT strategies and to take responsibility for all phases of systems' development. Not just systems that are quick fixes to get clients through crisis but systems that are able to grow with a client's business and allow for business expansion with a minimum amount of change to core systems.

In our Software as a Service offerings like IRBManager and SMART we deliver not only mature capable products for managing research ethics, compliance and financials, but also host these solutions with the care and expertise learned in years of enterprise development.

On the consulting side, a very important deliverable of any system that Tech works on is the hand off to your IT staff. Since we have a very strong focus on training, our 'On-the-Job Mentoring' will allow your IT personnel and your end users to confidently take over once the system is implemented (and, sometimes, sooner!). The last thing a client wants is a system that requires a call to the Professional Services organization every time a change or added functionality is required.

Tech Software is very proud of the reputation that we have built with our clients for whom we have developed and delivered systems. It is with confidence that you can bring Tech in to move your systems to the highest plateau of stability and to take advantage of the latest technologies.
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