ViewState in SQL

Eliminate ViewState from ASP.Net WebForms with Tech:VSE (View State Eliminator)

Despite all the talk in the ASP.Net community about "MVC good, WebForms bad" we still love WebForms. For writing browser based applications, either for internal-only or public consumption nothing beats the power and productivity WebForms brings to the table. The only problem is WebForms brings its ugly step-sister ViewState the dance every time.

While ViewState is what makes WebForms so powerful it's also its largest detractor. And largest is a very appropriate term since it's not uncommon for the ViewState on a form to be larger than the rest of the HTML content on that page. Additionally, ViewState can expose the inner workings of your application to the outside world. ViewState may look complicated, but it's not encrypted! Anything you store in ViewState can be read by anyone on the internet.

Tech Software ViewState in SQL solves both these problems! First, by storing ViewState on the server it's not viewable on the client at all, and therefore totally secure. Second, HTML payloads, and thus bandwidth requirements are reduced significantly, increasing end-user response time, and decreasing costs at the same time. A real win-win.

ViewState in SQL also requires no changes to your code! Just drop the DLL into your bin directory and add an entry to the default.browser file in your app_browsers directory. We take care of the rest!

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