What’s OneAegis?
OneAegis is the new name for IRBManager. While our software does a great job managing IRBs is also does so much more, so we’ve renamed the product to reflect a wider range of support.
Is OneAegis (f/k/a IRBManager_ just for IRBs?
Hardly! While we grant the old product name (IRBManager) implied all we did was manage IRBs that hasn’t been true for many years. OneAegis is a complete research compliance suite supporting IRBs of course, but also IACUC, RSC, SSC, CoI, R&D, BSC, Drone Research, and more.
Aren’t you called BEC (or BEC Acquisition Co)?
That was our name until 12 April 2017. At that time we acquired our sister company, Tech Software. We renamed ourselves from BEC to Tech Software as part of that process.
Aren’t you called IRBManager?
Nope, that’s the (old) name of one of our products (now OneAegis). But many people think that’s our name.